Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Shenanigans

Summer nights are winding down and so is the quality time
that i spend with my favourite people!
My family has always been quite close so to end off Summer
we got together for a girls only cousins night :)
sadly a few couldn't make it (underage, etc)
BUT it was still a blast, no thanks to
'Burt Reynolds'.....long story...
(the little of it that i even had!)

Top: Forever 21, Jeans: H&M, Wedges: Steve Madden

And don't even get me started on my BEST FRIEND FOREVER
leaving me on her Thai excursion for 5+weeks!
ShayShay leaves tomorrow and i have not even come to
terms with it at all :( :(

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vancouver Canadians

Last night my sister, dad and i took in a lovely evening
of baseball, hot (veggie) dogs and peanuts.
The Vancouver Canadians are a minor league ball team and are composed of
many hopefuls who may one day play for the Toronto Blue Jays.
There is only one farm team in Canada for the MLB and that is
right here in Vancouver!
Nat Bailey Stadium of course itself has a lot of good old Vancouver
history, that with Nat Bailey being the founder of the (ever)
popular White Spot franchise...starting out selling peanuts
at baseball games...true story, but
enough history, more baseball!

and the home team wins!
The Canadians took on the Tri-City Dust Devils and came
out on top. i personally love watching baseball.
it was eventful full of home runs, drunk crowds in the stands,
an impromptu dance routine by the field groomers, and good old
hot dogs and peanuts.
Not to mention the 7th inning stretch, where i am told the cutest
old couple in front of us danced to 'Take me out to the ball game'
Unfortunately, i was buying a t-shirt at the time....

anyways! i had a great time with my dad and sister and
realized a few things about myself as well.
1. i love vancouver
2. i have a soft spot for men in tight pants
3. i miss playing baseball!
4. everyday i learn more and more about my dad

haha ahhh i love Summer!
not to mention, another item checked off my list!!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Reason #214 to go to NYC

As if i needed yet another reason to go to this incredible city...
For my birthday this year my boyfriend's parents were away
in New York City and they brought home some gem-like
birthday gifts!
These said gifts also introduced me to BookMarc
Opened on Bleeker and West 11th in downtown Manhattan
last September, Mr. Jacobs gives his avid fans another way
to bring him home...
Selling books, notebooks and other specialty items
(similar items sold at his boutiques)
I was stoked to receive a lovely Notebook titled BookMarc,
pencil crayons labelled with MJ, a lipstick pen keychain,
Stinky Rat keychain, and an 'Oh, Lola' perfume sample.
Not too mention the sweet Tin it all came in.

In conclusion, i must go here while in New York!

It's raining today and i love it
bye for now, dreaming of NYC....

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer To Do List:

Usually i mentally make a list of things to do throughout
the Summer, to really make it feel like Summer.
But, since i have been working so much and am still in school
it really doesn't feel like i have accomplished much,
other than save for rent and read a million Shakespeare plays.

So i decided to see where i'm at on 'my-list'

  1. set foot on a beach
  2. go to the Richmond Night Market
  3. have a bbq with friends
  4. roast marshmallows and make s'mores
  5. freeze: strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries
  6. sleep in a tent
  7. go for bike rides
  8. get a tan
  9. finish a novel
  10. spend a day like a tourist in Vancouver
  11. go to a Vancouver Canadian's baseball game
  12. go to Bard on the Beach and see 'As You Like It'
  13. go for High Tea at the Fairmont Hotel
  14. attend a bonfire party with friends
  15. make tons of homemade bracelets
  16. make homemade potato salad
  17. star gaze
  18. create goofy memories with my girlfriends
  19. make meals from local and in-season produce
  20. have fish and chips on the dock in Steveston
  21. eat homemade potato salad
my list keeps growing as the days go by! ahhh

Not too bad. But still lots to go!
My Summer officially doesn't end until Fall Semester begins.
So i have until September 6th to accomplish the remainder!
Wish me luck!

What made your list?

Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm On A Boat!

Earlier this Summer my family went on a boat
cruise around our beautiful city. I forgot how much
i enjoy being on the water, and the weather was perfect.
Overall a great evening, and the views of Coal Harbour,
The Lions Gate Bridge, Stanley Park, and the stunning
North Shore waterfront properties were amazing!
I love Summer in Vancouver!

Wilfred by Aritzia Silk Blouse, Aritzia Faux Leather Leggings,
Aldo Clutch, Asos 'Aggie' Ankle Boots

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15th? Seriously!?

It boggles my mind how it is halfway through August!
But i would be lying if i wasn't a teeny bit excited for Fall
:) :) :)

On my menu tonight:
cooked corn on the cob, shredded raw beets and carrots,
raw peas and avocado.
so yum.
All items grown fresh in my hometown!
except for the avocado
(imported from Peru, sup Peru)

Pretty much my Summer go-to meal.
easy, cheap, colourful and filling.

On my playlist tonight:
I am so tired already and it is only monday
my music is soft, slow and mellow these days
all i want to do is relax when i get home from work
but i couldn't resist a little dr. dre remix

Hope your Monday was bearable!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

hair inspiration

Host of So You Think You Can Dance, Cat Deeley,
has the hair styling i want!
Aside from the fact that i am not blonde.
I just love how it looks effortless but so nice.

PS- TONIGHT is the Season 8 Finale on SYTYCD
and i am stttokedd on it.
(This is where i find out who my true friends are....)
Do you Love SYTYCD??


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weerkk it girl! A post for the working woman

All images Atlantic-Pacific

At this point in time i am not 100% sure of my career path
but whatever i do it MUST allow me to dress like this.

Girl is rockin' my idea of the
fashionable working woman!
Not too formal or casual, but enough
of both to hint that you know what's up.

Love these looks!
picture 3 is my favourite
what is yours?!



since my birthday was on the date of my cousin's wedding
and in the midst of an already busy summer, it seemed to
drag out for quite a few weeks...
no complaints here!

extra birthdays=extra cakes
maybe i am posting this because it is 7am and i just
got home from a Bootcamp fitness class,
or maybe it is because i just like cake.
we shall never know
but enjoy 3 of my birthday cakes
that got me through the

raspberry cheesecake with chocolate drizzle

gigantic 'cup-cake'-esque cake with vanilla cream icing and
chunks of Oreo throughout
(equivalent to 32 cupcakes?!-fed an army)

homemade ice cream cake with Reese's peanut butter
cups in the middle (my fave chocolate bar)
and not to forget the MBMJ detailing!

i am no cake expert, but these made turning a
year older so worth while!

(now do you see why i go to Bootcamp at 6am?!)
happy wednesday!


ps- i am writing my FINAL Summer Course Exam tonight.
hello Summer, finally/seriously.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

home stretch

hello lovelies
here's a little 'Post Secret' inspiration

check out the latest Post Secret messages HERE

a fitting song, one of my favourites to listen to while driving
in the sunshine down old country roads

do you love what you do?
are you at least working towards it?
start enjoying each day, make it count.
we're young enough to say that this is going to be a good life


of the moment blog roll snippets


Oh hey there Jemma boots from Dolce Vita!
check them out on their website HERE

The red is screaming to me, but for $220
maybe black would be the most suitable?
(but the least FUN)
Maybe i just need to try them on and decide.
Which is your favourite?!?!

Another beautiful day on the west coast,
better late than never sunshine!

(ps-my blog is not dead)
(and neither am i!)