Tuesday, September 21, 2010

nothing witty to say

tshirt and cardigan from Aritzia, scarf from H&M,
trousers from Zara, Michael by Michael Kors heels

beautiful day!
so cheerful when the sun is out :)
had an appointment at the bank today and this is what i wore
my sister gave me these Zara pants yesterday, what a doll
heading to the library to study!
have a great day!!!!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


last friday the girls were on Ellen, but i had to tape
it because of my hectic weekend!
needless to say i just watched their small segment.
they go through the usual backstory of working since 9 months
old etc. and how they are now business savvy billionaires....
although i know all of this information,
they captivate me so much still!
i was glued to the t.v. and the interview.
i felt they were more relaxed on Ellen then they are on other talk-shows.
it was nice
the girls looked beautiful!!!
the above photo obviously doesn't do them justice,
but i couldn't track a better one down.

Ellen gives them 'gifts' because she knows what they like...
oversized bags and sunnies

weekend updates to come later!
when my homework is done :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

coffee with dad, lunch with shay

wilfred by Aritzia sweater, marc by marc jacobs necklace, seven jeans, jeffrey campbell wedges, various rings

i really should paint my nails asap.
i love Fall days like today, not too cold, but enough to wear a light jacket and sweater

back into the full swing of things with school, got all my courses organized
after what was a pretty hectic week.

back to Dance as well, could hardly put my socks on as a result....
my poor leg muscles haha
it was nice to catch up with all the girls though!

ordering in chinese food with the BF, it seems like its one of those nights
where i just want to stay in and watch a movie

busy weekend ahead
hope you all have a great weekend too!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

photos from CORN fundraiser :)

these are precious memories
i love my family!
miss you grandma, can't believe it has been 8 months

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

we don't need no education

where did my four months of summer go?
back to school tomorrow, to a new, larger campus.
feeling a little stressed about it!
a little excited too...

to wrap up the rest of the summer and selling produce, on the weekend
my cousins and i had a fundraiser to raise money to our local hospital
in memory of our grandma.
we sold corn and potatoes and 100% of all proceeds went straight to the
hospital foundation. it was SUCH a great event.
we raised $2500.00 in one day!
today we are dropping the money off to the foundation and couldn't be more
happy about it.
i know grandma would be so proud of us.
it was a great day with all my cousins, i am so lucky to be so close with EACH of them.
i will try to get some photos from that day.
it feels good to contribute to the community, especially
when they support our small business all summer long.


Diva Infiltration of Osoyoos 2010

Well i have been home from my gals getaway for quite some time
but haven't had the chance to update my blog!
it was SUCH a great time.
i have the BEST friends.
it was my friend Emily's birthday our first night and we
frequented The Sage bar, pretty much the only bar in the small town.
Osoyoos is the only Desert in Canada! so nice and warm :)
we stayed at Rochale's condo and it was lovely!
it was so necessary
i love my friends !
:) :) :) :)

let me introduce them :

alison, birthday girl Emily- 'diva', brooke

emily, shay, jaime, me, danielle, brooke, alison
singing Summer of '69-Bryan Adams
THE SAGE, self explanatory

changing the signs at night.. Sandy Beach=Sandy Biach

the paradise we roamed for 5 days

rochale and alison

danielle, shay, me, jaime
the diva's left their mark...
Sandy Beach=Diva Beach


August 22. 2010 - miss you grams

brandon and i xoxo

brandon, me, danielle, andrew

grandpa and i

shay, danielle, grandpa, me

andrew and brandon

dad and i

We decided to have an 'in memory' birthday for my Grandma,
this would be her first birthday without all of us.
The day was actually a lot more emotional than i first expected so
i was really happy to be with my family.
We all made the best of it together.
Love you Grams, miss you a lot

ps-how cute is my grandpa!?!