Tuesday, October 25, 2011

it ain't me

I've been in a baking mood lately...
had too many peaches than i could eat!
decided on a blueberry-peach cobbler a few sundays ago.
it was delicious :)
and super simple
see recipe HERE
but, next time i would like to make one with the
oatmeal on top...seems more traditional.
yum! can't wait for round 2!

I also made buttermilk cookies last week
with the extra buttermilk i had leftover.
hmm..what should i make this week?!
what are you baking!?

I loved my four day getaway to Las Vegas!
Wish i was still there!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

makes me want to take the long way home

beautiful Thanksgiving table centrepiece that my momma made :)

Whoa, so far this west coast October weather has been
absolutely beautiful!
Officially, it is confirmed that Fall is my favourite season.
The temperature has been crisp, but mild enough to
not pull on my heavy lining jackets...
and we have had so much sunshine!
I can't believe how much happier my days commuting
to and from school are when the weather is like this!
just beautiful!

On a slightly more sour note;
school is so so so busy! and i came down
with the usual Fall flu...
i hope i am on the mend :)

And on an extremely more positive note...
I'm Flying To Vegas In Two Days For The Weekend!!!
i am so excited!
Trip coming at the perfect time!
(as long as my cold is gone!)


delicate details

all images via OlsensAnonymous

Ashley Olsen has been seen numerous times sporting
chic, and delicate anklets.
This subtle detail immediately drew my eyes not only to her
shoes, but made me think of how i can
incorporate this into my daily wear.
I love this idea!
so simple. just adds a little extra
besides, anything that draws more attention
to the shoes you are wearing is all the better in my books!

Happy October....18th!?
time flies!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

oh haiiiii

oh boyyyy am i looking forward to all the lovely
things the month of October is sure to bring!

-best friend home from Thailand!
-tea and hot chocolate in big mugs
-snuggling up on the couch with blankies and magazines
-scarves, layers, boots, toques
-leaves begin to fall
-halloween and carving pumpkins
-lighting candles
-NFL sundays
-sitting in front of the fireplace
-making soups and warm, hearty meals
-staying inside and listening to the rain
-Dad's birthday :)
-the harvest
-warm baths
-wearing slippers

andddddd the only thing breaking my stride
is the 2 weeks of school induced stress!
ahhhh wish me luck!

happy october!