Monday, August 22, 2011

Reason #214 to go to NYC

As if i needed yet another reason to go to this incredible city...
For my birthday this year my boyfriend's parents were away
in New York City and they brought home some gem-like
birthday gifts!
These said gifts also introduced me to BookMarc
Opened on Bleeker and West 11th in downtown Manhattan
last September, Mr. Jacobs gives his avid fans another way
to bring him home...
Selling books, notebooks and other specialty items
(similar items sold at his boutiques)
I was stoked to receive a lovely Notebook titled BookMarc,
pencil crayons labelled with MJ, a lipstick pen keychain,
Stinky Rat keychain, and an 'Oh, Lola' perfume sample.
Not too mention the sweet Tin it all came in.

In conclusion, i must go here while in New York!

It's raining today and i love it
bye for now, dreaming of NYC....

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