Monday, April 26, 2010

room on fire

back on the island with only three things on my mind:

officially counting down my move home WOOO
although it is kind of sad seeing everybody's rooms half packed up and gone, or fully packed up for that matter. :(
byebye roomies it has been fun :)
with plenty of good stories hahaha


...oh and

Saturday, April 24, 2010


i apologize for my lack of outfit related posts. i actually enjoy doing them, they give me the extra motivation in the morning to look and feel my best. i have been living out of two closets for most of the year (especially the last two months) and although that may sound lovely at first, let me clear that up: living out of two closets does not equal having two closets.
clarification? they are about 3 hours apart from each other and i live with bits and pieces for part of the week and live with the rest for about 3 days. it is awful! takes lots of planning and organization, which ultimately leads to laziness and zero clothes. BUT THAT IS NEARLY OVER. all my lovely things will reunite together and all will be right with the world of my wardrobe. and i could not be happier!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so until then...ENJOY MY CANUCKS POSTS!

These closets can be a metaphor of my life

From THIS...

...To THIS

(not my actual closet(s), although the second one would be useful...)

Game Five= Success

Lovely Week's End.
-Canucks playing awesomely !!!
(leading series 3-2!!!!! one more win!)
-watched a part of a dance competition on friday,
the lovely ladies from R&D did awesome! Always inspiring.
-shopped around with Marcia and Andy, I even kept to my budget
-doing errands, making plans, excited for tonight!
even more excited/nervous for Game 6 on sunday!

ps- check out this video of Fin wearing the green man suit!
so funny!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Springy Spring!

Look what i came across today while eating lunch at my grandpa's!!
these little babies are back every year in a fake plant that is outside.
their mama must have just stepped out...
So adorable i could have sat there all day taking photos on my phone, but
then i realized i have other important things to do with my day... like rush home and put these photos on my computer and share them with the rest of you!
they mostly slept all huddled together, but i started making chirping noises then they all opened their mouth's !!!
probably thought i was their mama.


Canucks and Kings

whoa what a game!!!
come on home boys!
Series TIED 2-2
(jealous my dad is going to Game 5...WITHOUT ME :( !!!)

PS-Anyone been to the Bay lately?
Rachel by Rachel Roy's Spring Collections = I am in love.
check out that colour!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MKA Wednesday

always spicing things up

white blood cells

good day friends!
i am so very happy today, done one exam (went well!) and only have one to go.
i am back living life to the lees in my hometown and am
that being said, they must win. my sportsy newscast friend Chad said the Sedin's will be on the penalty kill, i foresee this move bringing the Canucks greater luck in that department....

happy wednesday

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

between love and hate

you know what i love?
having a stack of about 8 magazines waiting at home for me
(thanks Marce!)

you know what i hate?
unnecessarily bitchy people who believe they are just too awesome
(we know you are just insecure. get over yourself)
we are tired of you
and we are tired of playing nicely

Monday, April 19, 2010


here's a few things about me in no particular order

-just over dosed on salsa and chips due to the Canucks loss (WHAT WAS THAT CALL?! WHAT KICKING MOTION!? WHAT RULE WAS THAT?! AHHHHHHHHHHGHHHHHHHH)
-heads up...april 19-25th buy one DQ blizzard, get the next for $0.25-awesome right?
-looks forward to having a job so she has some spare money
-excited about tentatively looking for a new place to live!
-misses all her besties at home, but loved having them out for girls night
-getting tired of spending 6 hours in the library--NEARLY DONE
-hates bugs.of all kinds. current biggest dislike: the kitchen.
-LOVES her new minnetonka black ankle booties!
-looks forward to moving from Victoria
-starting to miss things about Victoria
-is HappyHAPPYHappy! (except still sad of course from the nucks loss :(:(:( )
happy monday!

Kings lead series 2-1 over the Canucks.
Next Game: Wednesday Evening!

Playoffs Continued (only 15 more wins!!)

Well Game Three is tonight
the Canucks are headed back to LA...we lost game 2 (in OT!)

so LETS GO BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Canucks 1
Kings 1
Series Tied

Friday, April 16, 2010



Nucks lead series 1-0
ahhhh! such a great game last night!
keep it up boys!!

MKA Wednesday (two days later...)

I miss my sister!
here's a collection of the ladies over the years

(who else is loving the sunshine?)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

alone but not lonely

school, school, work, errands, visits,
research, school, errands, reading
i'm busy

(ha ha!)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

measuring a summer's day, i only find it slips away to grey

Olivia Palermo is featured on this month,
sharing her style every day for the whole month of April!
Check it out here:

so awesome.

Friday, April 9, 2010

die by the drop

Yes! So Happy!
The Dead Weather, Jack White's third band, is releasing its second album in May!!!
Their first single 'Die by the Drop' can be heard already and purchased on Itunes.
I unfortunately missed their first concert here due to previous commitments but they better be back over the summer to tour their new album!
AHHH soooo excited.
Alison Mosshart is an excellent example of Jack White's genius.
She is so talented and perfect for the band!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

celebration day

this is how i celebrate:
-Noodle Box
-New Book!
i love books so much. such great investments.
i somewhat scatter my interests, which is every bit educational as exciting.
i collect: world history books, music/band biographies, fashion/style books, and all classic literature/fiction novels.
i love reading!

so here's my latest-so awesome i can't put it down.
(not so great timing, as i should be studying...)

find a little more about it here..

By the way it has the best dedication ever haha

"To my mom, Piki, who taught me everything i know about good taste but let me figure out my own style, even if it meant my going to school wearing two different-colored shoes, or with my bangs pulled into a ponytail on my forehead."

glory days!

so close you can almost feel it..
1 essay, 2 exams to go!
ahhhhh cannot waittttt!!!

oh yeah...

today's my official last day
of classes ...

i've done some bad things and they get easier to do

i get really excited with pictures
stimulates the eyes
outfits by Theory.