Sunday, January 31, 2010


in SEVEN days.....

....the Indianapolis Colts are going to stomp all over the New Orleans Saints!!!!
Superbowl 2010 in Miami!!!

(i love superfans!!!!)

flooring update

clearly the before photos...

...and the after photos.

Needless to say this adventure has given me the motivation in life to put money aside for home renovations because i sure am not a DIY-er...
a once in a lifetime experience and i am glad it is pretty much over!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

palm bays + blogging= saturday night

Currently waiting for the flooring in the kitchen to dry (we mopped!)
Then we are going to lay down laminate flooring with plaster...
i know what you are thinking, i've been thinking it too...
Lauren and i are getting all geared up to do some handy work but like i say
we have to wait for the floor to dry and its taking forever.

wish us the best of luck
we will need it

one more cup of coffee before i go



Friday, January 29, 2010

Backyard Fun

Don't mind the extremely sexy faces going on...
but here are a few more of my thrift store finds. Can you tell i am pretty happy about them?
I think it's mostly because i haven't shopped or spent money in a while...
Thrifted Items: boyfriend button up, belt, ring, and loafers!


What are your favorites from the last two posts??

oh me oh my!!

Love having a three day weekend. To make the most of it my room mate Lauren and i decided to thrift store shop all around downtown Victoria.
And let me tell you...amazing purchases is an understatement. If only we were no longer on a students budget or if we had jobs..
Doesn't matter!!!
We bought awesome things and i want to share with you my finer gems of the day!
enjoy xoxo!!

Cute outfit below?-->Summer! (and girly for Andy!)
The floral top is my new purchase (it is actually a jumper. it's a one piece with shorts! but we will see if that goes okay with my long torso...)
The vest is sooo cute and will be perfect over a long sleeve for these chilly days we are having.
The shoes are really one of a kind, i have palm springs in mind (basically just Summer in mind) they are peep toe flats that tie at the back or have the ability to tie around and up your ankle, whichever you prefer!
These are a few pieces, you will perhaps see more later!
Love them!
Best Thrift Store shop to date.

oh one last thing...

i'm going to palm springs with brandon in 15 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
three words: sunshine and nordstrom
(ps- i am only unsmiling because he kept making goofy faces, then he finally made a good one while i was doing that! how darling. alas, it is our only airplane photo!)

25 Things to do before i am 25!

okay i have only started this list...i need help! and obviously along the way i will realize new ambitions...but here's what i have so far:::::

1. Do the splits

2. Coachella Music Festival

3. Road trip to Yuma, Arizona with my cousins

4. Brazilian!?

5. See Jack White perform live many times- at least counted on two hands

6. Ride an animal bigger than a horse

7. New York trip

8.Scuba dive with unique water life

9. Do the 100-mile diet for one month

10. Move out (and stay out!)

11. Purchase this Baleniaga bag (dream bag...)

12. Take guitar lessons

13. Enroll in a culinary class program!

14. Own a little puppy :)

15. Be able to do 25 'boy' pushups

16. Go to a Drive in movie theatre

17. Do the Vancouver Sun Run

18. Do the Grouse Grind








Now i have left quite a bit of space and i am nearing my 22nd birthday, help me out!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

..just like a woman, but you break just like a little girl

Last weekend i was fortunate to ferry on home and visit with all my favorite people. My boyfriend's sister Andrea and i were discussing blogs, new clothes, new styles and how to achieve these desires...
Andy wants more feminine looks, and there are plenty out there right now!
High waisted skirts with cute girly tops, lots of loose fabrics, bow accessories, and patterned tights paired with just about anything..
Anyway the point of this blog..she said the cutest thing! "like something you would wear lee"
i just looked at her because i have and probably will always see myself as more of a, shall we say, unfeminine dresser! i know when to embrace it but give me black and white, jeans and tees, hats and ankle boots and i will wear them forever.
Got me thinking about:
1.) how much i love Andy! and
2.) style is dead once you are predictable.

Change it up Ladies! (and gents.. whomever may be reading..)

tangled up in blue

Goodnight little blog
i can tell that we are going to be friends.

times are crazy and people are strange

Let me introduce you to my bestBestbest friends:::
and my lovely boyfriend

My Wish List:

so what if december is a year away or that my birthday isn't for six months?
these are the things i want !!
i am going through a big opi nail polish fetish most recently..those colors in my opening post were all that i got for Christmas (second best gifts in my eyes..first being my new Marc bag :-).. )
these two colors are my next venture. Sand in my Suit and Black Onyx. with the whole neutral hues taking over this S/S 2010 'Sand in my Suit' is my must have. and Black just because it is handy once and a while and i am surprised i don't already own it?!

Next up on my radar...
I have seen them around campus and think they would be a good substitute for my mini-tonka moccasins, same brand but full foot coverage.
Full foot coverage=warm toes. Amen to that.

problem is which style?! i already have knee high boots that lace up, so perhaps the ones that zip at the back are my ideal.

Last and certainly not least i am liking any edgy black ankle boot.
studded? great. wedged? sure thing. beautiful? yes.
These bad boys are the Sam Edelman 'Zoe' look alike of an old Balenciaga boot ... they would do.
They would spice up any dull outfit paired with jeans and plaid.
(my dream 'dressed down' outfit)

Zara has a really killer pair that unfortunately for me my sister snagged before i had the chance! They are pretty and i cannot find a photo just now. perhaps later...

Yes Please.

As posted already by i'm the it girl, i cannot help but really love these colorful pumps! Not to mention how much i love shoe wednesday on her blog :) turquoise is calling my name..
Scanning through Elizabeth and James' 2010 look-book i know this year i will not be disappointed by their line. You won't be either! check it out Elizabeth and James
can you say SPRING? xox

Why Not?

hello all!
i am new to the blogging world in the sense that this is my very first blog, but i am a daily creep on manymanymany blogs :)
first and foremost i enjoy all things stimulating and inspirational and hope that in some small way maybe this will influence or inspire someone else!

okay, here's the rundown on me::::
  • university student studying history and english on my (long) journey to become a high school teacher (fingers crossed!)
  • i love my family, friends, and boyfriend xoxo
  • i plan to use this blog as a creative outlet and i am not going to lie i was a little shy at the thought, perhaps i don't really have the confidence to display myself!? but you should do things that scare you right? Right.
  • fashion is more of a hobby for me, it isn't my life or what i live for BUT it does inspire me and make me happier daily. the feeling of a fresh new purchase is replaced by nothing in my eyes
ANYWAYS enough chatting, on with the more beautiful things in my life right now...

quick note: i love mk&a, if that will be a problem for you...goodbye!