Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15th? Seriously!?

It boggles my mind how it is halfway through August!
But i would be lying if i wasn't a teeny bit excited for Fall
:) :) :)

On my menu tonight:
cooked corn on the cob, shredded raw beets and carrots,
raw peas and avocado.
so yum.
All items grown fresh in my hometown!
except for the avocado
(imported from Peru, sup Peru)

Pretty much my Summer go-to meal.
easy, cheap, colourful and filling.

On my playlist tonight:
I am so tired already and it is only monday
my music is soft, slow and mellow these days
all i want to do is relax when i get home from work
but i couldn't resist a little dr. dre remix

Hope your Monday was bearable!

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