Wednesday, August 10, 2011


since my birthday was on the date of my cousin's wedding
and in the midst of an already busy summer, it seemed to
drag out for quite a few weeks...
no complaints here!

extra birthdays=extra cakes
maybe i am posting this because it is 7am and i just
got home from a Bootcamp fitness class,
or maybe it is because i just like cake.
we shall never know
but enjoy 3 of my birthday cakes
that got me through the

raspberry cheesecake with chocolate drizzle

gigantic 'cup-cake'-esque cake with vanilla cream icing and
chunks of Oreo throughout
(equivalent to 32 cupcakes?!-fed an army)

homemade ice cream cake with Reese's peanut butter
cups in the middle (my fave chocolate bar)
and not to forget the MBMJ detailing!

i am no cake expert, but these made turning a
year older so worth while!

(now do you see why i go to Bootcamp at 6am?!)
happy wednesday!


ps- i am writing my FINAL Summer Course Exam tonight.
hello Summer, finally/seriously.

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