Tuesday, March 30, 2010

i was sitting there in a comfortable chair and that was all that i needed

forever loving black ankle booties, apparently

Born To Run

it is only Tuesday!
to brighten your mundane workweek here's my
daily BABE.


..and a little music to keep you going
(sweet music video!)

i got a little carried away finding photos....
doesn't he kind of resemble Mr. Moorhead?
..just sayin'.....!


what to do when you are
still 4 days away from getting
your hair dyed..

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finalized List!

Here is my final copy of my 25 Things to do before i am 25.
help me out friends!

1. Do the splits

2. Coachella Music Festival

3. Road trip to Yuma, Arizona with my cousins

4. Brazilian!?

5. See Jack White preform live many times- at least counted on two hands

6. Ride an animal bigger than a horse

7. New York trip

8. Scuba dive with unique water life

9. Do the 100-mile diet for one month

10. Move out (and stay out!)

11. Purchase this Balenciaga bag --if i save roughly $60 a month until my 25th birthday i will have more than enough money....

12. Take guitar lessons

13. Enroll in a culinary class program!

14.Own a little puppy :)

15. Be able to do 25 'boy' pushups

16. Go to a Drive in movie theatre

17. Do the Vancouver Sun Run

18. Do the Grouse Grind

19. Embark on another Contiki tour

20. Watch the sunrise and sunset, consciously

21. Give x-amount of money to a charity I believe in

22. Go horseback riding

23. See the Northern Lights

24. Give blood

25. Go dogsledding

Red Rain

i want to go to Russia so badly.

The Church of the Spilt Blood, St. Petersburg

Russia Tower, Moscow

Red Square featuring St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

living for the weekend

i love the weekend
two more sleeps until R&D infiltrate Victoria...
can't wait.

MKA Wednesday


it's that time of year

Hmm... I don't like this scratchy throat business that i seem to be getting...It is of course no wonder, my boyfriend was sick all last weekend and i merely shrugged off the possibilities of myself getting sick...even though his dad has the best immune system and even he got the bug!
I refuse to get sick and it is that simple.
I do have a great immune system and i am also a strong believer in positive thinking and visualizing myself NOT being sick.
Here are my sure fire ways of avoiding the unavoidable...

1) Vicks VapoRub. Feeling a sore throat, or stuffed up sinuses? Apply this.
2.) Hot Water with lemon and honey on constant rotate with Green Tea. All.The.Time.
4.)SLEEP. you know, the kind before midnight?
5.)Fresh Air. Go for a walk, even if you feel like never leaving your bed.
6.) Vitamin C by the handful

I refuse to get sick, especially during the last two (crucial) weeks of school!

Besides, every fashionista knows that a cold or flu makes you feel all the less sexy!
and who wants that?

what is and what should never be

ohhh Spring, I can't wait!
and H&M's Garden Collection screams Spring/Summer,
with all of these beautiful dresses..
i want them all!
check out the video here

Not quite warm enough to wear dresses here yet!

Monday, March 22, 2010

oh mondays, why do you treat me so?

Today was eventful, as usual
but here are some cutie updated photos of my little cousin Milo!
(9 weeks old)

with uncle hayden
happy with dad
a little sad with me..
great photo with dan!
ready for sleepy time

Thursday, March 18, 2010

happy day after st patrick's day!

yayy andy is coming to visit!
hello weekend, i've missed you

celebrating at The Beagle

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

watching bunnies at uvic

it has been a while for an outfit post!
i am in between wardrobes at the moment..
difficult living from two closets!
but i will see what i can muster up in the next few days

(craving marcbymarc accessories)

Monday, March 15, 2010


i had a lovely weekend with my favourite people

Scissor Gang Mafia