Friday, November 23, 2012

chasing the ghost of a good thing

I have updated the old blog with a slightly new and fresher look.
I have been on quite the blog hiatus, and that also goes for
reading of all my favourites, as well as neglecting my own.

relaxing and planning

It seems a lot has passed since my last few posts.
Things just got so busy and i needed to take a
personal time out, and although this blog does
not seem uber personal, to me it is.
Spending time reading things and posting things about myself, what i like,
what i want to do, reflecting on what i have done etc...
accounts for a lot of my personal time
and i just needed a break...from myself!
To be
To step back
To reevaluate
To adjust 
To move forward
And interestingly, to regain my sense of self-which i somehow lost during 
my busy hours of school and farm work.

Needless to say, I do believe that those days are behind me.

I feel more rejuvenated, creative, happy, relaxed and at peace now with myself
 than i have felt in quite some time.
Which is ironic, since i have, at the moment, entered a portion of my life that is the
 most unwritten, strange and foreign to me. 

one fall day

With all this uncertainty i do feel that i am at a place 
where i feel most 'in the moment'.
Letting things come and go as the may, and not forcing anything. I am lucky
to have some freedom- to have the opportunity to let the chips fall where they may, 
and that is precisely what i will be doing for the next little bit!
And i am ready to keep in touch with myself within this blog.

happy friday

all photos my own