Sunday, October 31, 2010

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (and Happy Birthday Dad! xoxo) Part 1

Happy Halloween Everyone!
I don't love Halloween being on a Sunday, but the main party i went to was
on Friday, so everything works out. THIS costume is what i wore today
just to celebrate a little Halloween cheer.
#44 Dallas Clark of the Indianapolis Colts
(my favourite NFL team/player)
BUT, sadly he is out for the season, recuperating from an injury. sad!
my other costume was much better but i have it on a different memory this is all you get for now!
oh and that is my grandpa. cute!!
they play tomorrow night!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cousin's Night Out

Tank Top: Forever21, Leather Leggings: Aritzia,
Ankle Boots: Sam Edelman, Assorted Jewellery

awww cousins!!! i love them.
we were missing two very important ones that evening,
but unfortunately they are still underage :( :( :(
the six of us gathered for a lot of food, fun, and dancing
i think it is pretty special that we are all so close
it was an epic evening that must be repeated asap.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Making ThingsX2

Candy Apples!
i saw cupcakes and cashmere do it, so i figured why not
really easy!
melt up your caramel squares and chocolate chips **in the microwave**
mash up favourite toppings of choice
(i did kitkat, orange flavoured chocolate, oreos, mini eggs, and reese pieces)
and roll in said toppings.
lovely for halloween fun
thank you Andy for helping me on this one!

what are YOU being for Halloween!?!?

nothing rhymes with orange

Last week my sister and I went pumpkin picking
in our field. yes one of the many perks of having a pumpkin field
...get to save the $3 by not buying pumpkins...
did i say perk? LOOK at that mud.
we nearly died. it went up to our shins
with all this rainfall there is seriousssss muck out there
i got away with about 4
i couldn't risk much more
i might go buy another

oh yeah and totally reppin the H&M shearling jacket

likeeee a G6

Denim Jacket: Zara, Hat: Aritzia, Jeans: JBrand, Studded Ankle Boots: Aldo,
Leopard Bag: Forever21, Thrifted Necklace

Pretty much too cold to just wear a long sleeve, definitely
time to bust out the jackets.
They say November is the rainiest month of the year here in BC
can't wait to see if that is true or not.

Monday, October 18, 2010

oh mondays

so exhausted today from midterms...
overdosed on 5 hour energy drinks
need a nap

p.s.- i want to do an outfit post!
bought some new items last week
:) :)
after nap.

saw red

red shoe fetish

Sunday, October 17, 2010

oh so coco

canadian, beautiful, my age-ish, world-renowned top model,
married, amazing apartment in Gramercy Park, Manhattan.

all the many reasons to love miss coco rocha
check out her apartment photo shoot with Vogue on
her official facebook page. sooo inspiring!

did i mention my friends went to school with her?!

photos from coco's official facebook page
and stockholm streetstyle

Blog Crush
what is more, i want to be you!

disheveled hair, check
blackblackblack, check
casually awesome outfits on the daily, check
raybans forever, check
leather everything, check

if only her posts weren't in some foreign language....

Saturday, October 16, 2010

around the blogging world....

these Topshop 'Andi' clogs are turning up all over

as seen on Rumi here
and Le Fashion posted this today

the universe is clearly
telling me to read
between the lines

what's with a girl and black ankle booties?!

just a girl?

Gwen is so coooollllllll
her style has always been her own and she pulls everything off
ahhh i wuvvv her

Ready to Wear
Spring 2011
images from

woo 90's
i hope this song pumps up your Saturday!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

snap, krackle, POP

inspired from living on my own and of course
other bloggers, i felt it time to document some
baking. i have no particular flair in the kitchen
nor do i have the time or money to slave away, but everything
is worth trying. so i have vowed to begin making something
scrumptious (or try to) every so often.
wish me luck!
ps-totally started easy to give myself a confidence boost.
not to mention these were the only ingredients already
in my pantry when i had my sudden burst of inspiration
it's my blog i can do what i want!
so i give you..
every bit delicious as they were easy...
making them even more delicious
:) :) :)

"baking" win!

what are you baking lately?!
feel free to share recipes!!!

the ladies at
always seem to be up to making tasty treats.

i spy....

... a trend that is not going away.
and for good reason in my opinion!!!!
i'm excited to bust out my own leopard collection....
in the meantime, enjoy these looks :)

All images from Stockholm Streetstyle