Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Fave

made enough salad to keep me going
through the entire week.
healthy, filling, gluten free,
quick, easy, 1 cup makes about 4 cups cooked
i highly recommend it in your diet!

first salad (above two photos) contains:
quinoa, cucumber, tomatoes, chickpeas, garlic, olive oil,
cilantro, lemon juice

second salad (above two photos):
quinoa, corn, black beans, lime juice, lemon juice,
tomatoes, cilantro.

it is extremely versatile, as a vegetarian i try to make
my salads as filling as possible. sometimes veggies just
don't cut it when i'm really hungry...
great for breakfast as an oatmeal substitute with fruit,
and for lunch and dinner in salads!
try it!

leaves are falling all around, it's time i was on my way

all photos my own taken at UBC

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

i learned to live half a life

theyskens' theory
ankle strap wedge

It's true love if you can't stop thinking about them, right?!
3 of my favourite things
-the majority of the Theyskens' Theory Collection...

i die!

i feel it in the air, the Summers out of reach

Fall Favourites

(yes even a little Pink, generally not my colour)


a song comes slipping through the radio static to change my mood, a little George Strait 1982

Err, i am pretty sure this is still a lifestyle blog and not just
about my current eating habits...
but....i made cookies!

It's sad too because i actually have some lovely new clothes...
in a later post i promise :)

I whipped up some cookies a while back because i needed
to take a serious 5 from my homework.
sometimes you just need a break!
and i wanted one that wasn't technology-related

I've really been enjoying this Fall season!
(as previously mentioned i am sure)
but it has made school and my mood so much happier.
and now with Halloween behind us, it is time to let
the Christmas spirit slowly take me over,
and i am pretty sure i am a-okay with that

Enjoy your week!