Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Best Friend!

yay!!! finally Shay is 22!
last weekend we went to Joey's on West Broadway in Van
to celebrate :)
i only took a few photos, but these were the highlights!

i am SO ready for it to be friday, i'm not sure if i can get my act together
with all these essays!? only time will tell (3 days to be exact)
Tonight my gal pals and i are going to the Blanche MacDonald Fashion Design
Graduation Show! My sister is attending the school right now, so we thought
it would be pretty legit if we all went. Exciting!
Semi cutting into my essay time...
butttt, i will just stay up late the rest of the week
to compensate. Girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

Ps-bought new shoes
(notice that 'shoes' are in plural form....)

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Snow Day!

Well the snow has hit the west coast this past week, and even more so today!
i'm glad i didn't have to trek to school in it, but tomorrow is another story.
i can do everything in walking distance, i'm not attempting to grace the roads

Perfect thing for a snow day?
Home made mac and cheese.
looks so much better than KD, am i right?
very scrumptious, made it last week

This weather has brought me more into the Christmas spirit,
but i must finish my essays first!!!!
ahhhh 4 more school days left until i get a break
can't wait!

Hope the snow isn't hindering your everyday tasks

Friday, November 19, 2010

cheetah is the new black

check out my little feature on CHEETAH IS THE NEW BLACK
click HERE to see her beautiful blog that features
a ton of her followers wearing cheetah/leopard
:) :)
her name's Alicia too

what are you wearing that's cheetah!?

I don't need no arms around me And i don't need no drugs to calm me

weekend shmeekend
couldn't have come sooner and wish it was longer
2 weeks of school left guys
2 weeks....

Happy Weekend!
hope you all enjoy it.
it might snow here.

Monday, November 15, 2010

i don't care what people say, i don't even look their way, look their way

Coat: Joe Fresh, Jeans: JBrand, Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell, Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs
ps-warmest coat i own, and probably the most awesome too

spent a lovely sunday evening with my Mama and sister in Steveston
checked out some cute boutiques as well as indulged in a little Starbucks
Sad that the BC lions lost :(
but, kinda happy they even made it that far...yay!

today i took a wellness day. that is, i wasn't sick, but took the day off anyways
i think that is fair? i just needed to get more sleep and focus on my essay!
some jobs are actually promoting this said 'wellness' day
giving employees an equal amount of paid 'wellness' and 'sick' days
i full heartedly agree with that because i am never sick...
and thus hardly reap the 'benefits' of taking a sick day...
it is questionable that being sick is beneficial...but that is not what i am getting at here!
have you taken a wellness day lately?!

(forgive my Platonic dialect as i am knee deep in my Philosophy essay)

enjoy your week!!!

i am trying a new thing... at lookbook.nu
feel free to 'hype' this look!
just click below

Saturday, November 13, 2010

we've come full circle

10 page essay stress begins
i feel like the early portion of my blog consisted of
me complaining about school....well here you go!
wish me luck
i mean....

so funny! and classic.
The Simpsons=A huge portion of childhood memories

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Remembrance Day is a time to remember those who have
fought for us and been so brave, so we can live in a freer nation.

But, it "also serves as a painful and tragic reminder that despite the hope that the carnage of World War 1 would make it the 'war to end all war', we are still a long way away from achieving the lasting peace that was perhaps naively envisioned but that we nevertheless still desire."

I took this quote from a speech that the Mayor of Toronto said this morning and it can be easily forgotten that despite the awareness we have each November 11th, we will still be having this same ceremony next year, remembering even more Canadian soldiers who have died in war. History shows that there won't be an end to warfare in the near future, but that doesn't mean we can't strive for it.
My heart goes out to all the soldiers, families of those, and of course to anyone who has lost their loved one in battle.
November 11th, 2010
lest we forget

Late Afternoon

1)Leather Pleated Skirt, 2)Thick Tribal Sweaters, 3)THAT Zara Cape,
4)More Toques/Hats, 5)THOSE Sam Edelman Falken Heels

She does it all perfectly!
check her out

one year

yesterday marked the one year date since my grandma passed away
i seriously cannot believe where time goes
spent the evening with all my cousins and my grandpa
thank god for every single one of them
i wrote this poem for her, it was featured in our local
paper yesterday
i love you grams, miss you a lot

Monday, November 8, 2010

Marc By Marc Jacobs

Did i ever mention Marc is my second boyfriend?

all images from Shopbop


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Colts Lose, sad day in my household

i still want over the knee boots

Fashion Girls

these girls are all smokin' in what they are wearing
just some of my favourite looks lately

do i even need to have the links to these blogs?
you should all know them!!!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


many may wonder what a 'cloot' is.
my take is that it is the mix between a clog and a boot?
either way it sounds ridiculous
and i am not a fan of clogs
so i pretty much dislike seeing this word everywhere!?
stop saying CLOOT!
the word is the worst part, not even the boot
die, trend....dieeeee

and i am a huge fan of using abbreviations
but this has gone too far

November Rain

Cardigan and Trench Coat: H&M, Jeans: Rock and Republic, Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell,
Body Chain: The Woodland, Purse: Marc By Marc Jacobs

A few things to say about November:
-November Rain-Guns N' Roses,one of my favourite songs, see below!
-Remembrance Day November 11th
-Time to pick up the slack with school, only 4 weeks left of semester?!
-Missing a loved one August 1926 - November 2009 xoxo
-Celebrating 4 years with my boyfriend at the end of the month :)
-My best friend Shay's 22nd Birthday!
-The time of year where fake tanning lotion seems like a great idea
-I'm on a shopping ban currently until December, Christmas shopping is the best anyways...
-Days getting much shorter, winter starts setting in
-I have 4 essays to write this month, so it is safe to say that i will be blogging a lot from procrastination...lucky readers! haha
-The start of Movember (men's mustache growing for charity and awareness of men's health) has begun, as my boyfriend likes to point out everyday, so i can witness the beauty that is his current mustache...
-Christmas cups at Starbucks have returned!!

What do you like most about November?


Balenciaga Clutches
Have these not been everywhere?!
could be my new dream bag...

photos : jak & jill blog and stockholm streetstyle

Halloween Part 2!

Photo Credits: Emily S. and Andrew G. of Boneyard Photography

Here's a few snapshots of Halloween!
Costumes were great and it was a lovely evening!