Tuesday, January 17, 2012


well they may have not won any Golden Globes
but in my opinion these ladies stole the show.
(and in many other's opinions too)
two beautiful dresses
pretty Spring colours

Charlize Theron:
Dior Haute Couture dusty rose silk chiffon dress

Emma Stone:
Lanvin deep plum tulle siren gown
with raspberry paneling side insert
and strong embroidered shoulders



Perfect hairstyle!
effortless and elegant all at once
Love her!
Elizabeth Olsen is killing it everywhere she goes!

i've been a little slow on updates...
its been very busy this new year!
patience is a virtue


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shit Fashion Girls Say

haha okay these have been popping up everywhere
and they are all funny, but i really liked
this one!

sometimes you need a good laugh


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Inspiration

photos: Stockholm StreetStyle, Jack & Jill, The Streethearts, Olsens Anonymous

maybe i will try to add more hints of colour to my wardrobe,
along with keeping black, white, and grey as easy staples

i would also like to make a sincere effort to invest in
more classic and timeless staple items that will
carry me throughout my fashion lifetime
and spend less on wasteful/cheap seasonal items
that will eventually end up hurting our environment
(with a mass production of new garments daily
for stores like Forever21, there is no doubt that that is
somehow affecting the environment!?)

so maybe that is something to note for the new year.

school starts back up again tomorrow, my final semester!
already assignments and novels to be read are pouring in,
gotta love the teacher that jump starts her class.

otherwise, 2012 is starting off wonderfully!
optimistic, productive, confident