Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vancouver Canadians

Last night my sister, dad and i took in a lovely evening
of baseball, hot (veggie) dogs and peanuts.
The Vancouver Canadians are a minor league ball team and are composed of
many hopefuls who may one day play for the Toronto Blue Jays.
There is only one farm team in Canada for the MLB and that is
right here in Vancouver!
Nat Bailey Stadium of course itself has a lot of good old Vancouver
history, that with Nat Bailey being the founder of the (ever)
popular White Spot franchise...starting out selling peanuts
at baseball games...true story, but
enough history, more baseball!

and the home team wins!
The Canadians took on the Tri-City Dust Devils and came
out on top. i personally love watching baseball.
it was eventful full of home runs, drunk crowds in the stands,
an impromptu dance routine by the field groomers, and good old
hot dogs and peanuts.
Not to mention the 7th inning stretch, where i am told the cutest
old couple in front of us danced to 'Take me out to the ball game'
Unfortunately, i was buying a t-shirt at the time....

anyways! i had a great time with my dad and sister and
realized a few things about myself as well.
1. i love vancouver
2. i have a soft spot for men in tight pants
3. i miss playing baseball!
4. everyday i learn more and more about my dad

haha ahhh i love Summer!
not to mention, another item checked off my list!!



  1. cute!! i went to the c's game with my papa too!!

  2. it was so fun! and quite possibly the cheapest entertainment in town.
    just love hanging with my dad :)