Monday, March 21, 2011

i thought i knew you well, so well

i haven't done an outfit post in so long?
sad :(

who wants to see what's currently in my closet and other new gems?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

you came in with the breeze, on Sunday morning

living on my own has made me realize the little
things i took for granted at home
(and i'm not talking about laundry or cleaning!)
the little things i miss like sunday morning breakfast with the family.
we always made something like the above picture,
with bacon/sausage or something
but since i am a vegetarian i have skipped that...
usually served between 10-10:30, sunday breakfast was always something
you smelled before you even got out of your bed.

some things i like to keep as family memories and other things i have
enjoyed re-creating in my own way, with new people too.
i won't forget the way mom always made the bacon so crispy
or the way dad would make the best over-easy eggs
and the way Dan and i always had to set the table etc.
ahh the simple life!
i love sundays

ps-Spring is in the air!
first day of spring is upon us and even the weather is showing signs of it!
i cannot wait for Spring/Summer
but i know that we will probably have much more rain until that happens

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Post #250


My/Our/Everyone's? Favourite New York Five-some is back!
THE STROKES release their 4th studio album March 22
but it can be heard in its entirety on their website HERE
it has been 5 long years since their last release and
although it has been ages, i am so so excited!
wish i was going to Coachella or Bonnaroo
to see them (and EVERYONE else)

oh well, new summer album!

are you a Strokes fan?
ps- FYI they are total babes

Monday, March 14, 2011

parrrty time, excelleeentt

Isn't Monday that much worse now that the clocks have moved forward?
i slept in today..and i blame daylight savings.
I had a lovely weekend, full of many things, but none that were homework related

Yesterday we celebrated my (youngest) cousin's 19th birthday!
it was actually a few weeks ago, but it's hard to get everyone together, you know?
crazy! it was lovely to see the family again
and baby milo, who is technically now the youngest little cousin
kept us laughing the whole time!
i love this kid!
so naturally my photos are all of him.
i swear the rest of my family was there, i just took too many baby photos
how was your weekend?!

Birthday Boy Talen and myself

Team Milo 100%

Saturday, March 12, 2011

new on the web

Ladies, a new online shop has hit the fashion world. It goes by the name of SABO SKIRT and is run by the two girls from the SABO SKIRT blog. To start shopping go to, and to check out their blog visit

Thursday, March 10, 2011

don't look back you can never look back

Happy Thursday

I've been craving Noodle Box for weeks!
but i am on a spending ban...
so last night i made my own idea of it
really good! but i wish it was spicier...
i like my pad thai spicy enough that it is on the verge of being unpleasant
next time! haha

Andrea and her friends all dressed up
for their Semi-Formal Dance at school last night
where does the time go!?
seems like yesterday my friends and i were doing the same thing

one more time

One more time...
here is my sister's styling debut for a Vancouver Online Fashion Magazine
Styling for the brand Elroy.
see Elroy's website HERE

Isn't it so awesome!?
so proud :)

Proenza Schouler Fall/Winter 2011/12

Behind the Scenes

worrrk it
this duo always seems to top my lists of 'must-have's' of the moment
look at these colours/patterns
definitely something to look forward to
:) :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

brotha gotta keep enough lettuce to support your shoe fetish

Both Please :)

Messeca Sliced Platform Wedge, in Black and Nude
found on Nasty Gal

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sleepy Steveston

Wilfred by Aritzia Blazer
Forever 21 Shirt and Necklace
Seven for All Mankind Jeans
Jeffrey Campbell Pixie Wedges in Black
Rayban Sunnies

These photos were taken on Sunday, the start of a brief (2 day)
beautiful-day streak. Today we are back to more gloom/rain.

My school work is coming along well, this is just a tough week!

My sister and I went to visit my Mama and the town was so quiet!
Things didn't even open until noon!?
which was fine, we just walked the streets and sipped our Starbucks :)

OH and exciting news!!
My sister got some of her styling published for a
Vancouver online magazine!!
check it out!!
So awesome! way to go Dan!

I am on a spending BAN and debating freezing my visa and debit
card in ice for the rest the rest of my life...
and all i want to do is spend money recklessly!!!

Happy Tuesday :)
(so excited for wednesday)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

this is your life, are you who you want to be

saturday night and i am doing homework
deadlines are quickly approaching and March is
shaping up to be a month of school hell.
8:30pm and i am throwing in the towel

i need a new mindset for tomorrow
because the one i have is not working

no excuses
get to work.
get it done

Thursday, March 3, 2011

i'm on the right track baby, i was born this way

Yesterday i had the urge to make these Oreo cookies
Recipe found HERE
Andrea came over and helped me, just like the old days of us
baking fun things together :)

These cookies didn't go off without a hitch though...
as i am new to the baking world
(outside of cupcakes, i finally feel confident in those)
i went through a few 'trail and error' batches
and a few awkward questions:
"is convection sugar....icing sugar?"
"alicia, this isn't clear vanilla extract, your icing won't be as white now"
"does wax paper go in the oven? does it burn?"
oh, and a clear rookie mistake..
when it says 'ROOM temperature butter', it does say it for a reason.

other than all that, these were really fun/easy to make!
they did resemble oreos! and they were way softner
(which is big points for me when it comes to cookies)
also, much better dipped in milk.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY and i couldn't be more pleased!
except that this weekend brings more homework

Where did the days go where i could just...
-bake at leisure with andrea
-watch hours and hours of One Tree Hill
-see my friends more than just on the weekend

the list goes on, you get my point
happy weekend! xoxo

ps-do i even need to mention Gaga's 'born this way' music video?
uhh ya...

you'll sit alone forever if you wait for the right time, what are you hoping for?

Jeffrey Campbell Pixie Wedges
Citizens of Humanity Jeans

Finally wore my leopard booties
My sister and i actually share them, but they stay at my house :)

i finally feel back to normal since i have been home from my trip!
really busy with school, work, etc.

But i can't wait for the weekend!
what are you doing this weekend?


ps/fun fact-
for only the second time since i have moved into my place
(about 8 months)
i have NO laundry to do on my day off...
that is really strange, i swear i am not messy!
just behind in life haha
yayyy for clean clothes!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Housewarming Gathering

Last week my boyfriend got his own place with his friend
so here are some photo's of the weekend gathering
great times with great people