Monday, August 23, 2010

au revoir !

headed on a mini vacation with my lady friends!
we are staying at my friend Rochale's place, and there will be 8 of us in total
all my of my best friends
so excited to relax, for what feels like the first time this whole summer
miss my boy though

this is my 145th post!?


Thursday, August 19, 2010

cheetah for your thoughts?

i think in all of my self take photos i am on the verge of laughter,
for no apparent reason. i must amuse myself...

blazer: necessary objects. tank: h&m. cheetah blouse: thrifted.
harem pants: zara. shoes: DIY (by my friend Jordan).
rings: F21, local designer, and the redish stone one from Greece :)

start off with this cheetah print blouse. (beware, pointless story ahead) :)

yesterday my sister and i were heading to work and doing all the prep work etc.
when she informed me that 'today is some huge sale at the thrift store'
our local thrift store is obviously cheap anyways, but that day they were
putting out 'the best' stuff or something.
since we employ ourselves we made time to head over there to check it out.

little did i understand how important this sale was. it seemed to awake quite a few people in our little town. they had line ups where you had to take numbers and everything!
i was boggled.
although it makes sense, since this is such a small town, and if the thrift shop is having a sale then you may as well hit it up...
however the line up was so long and our number wasn't being called we had to leave :(
but i did find this shirt in the clothing section of the place.
i grabbed it just for the sake of grabbing something and my sister and i looked at eachother...we had the same look, " can make something out of that, maybe..."
for $4 how could i not.

moving on..
today is my day off! (except i work tonight at my new job, which i already love a lot more!)
i may meet my boyfriend for lunch and just do random errands.
the weather definitely took a turn over here. hence the pants and jacket!
but since it has yet to rain (fingers crossed) i decided to sport these little white shoes, knowing they will not find much use for the next 6 months.
little summery still! i bought them off my friend Jordan, who put the studs on herself, she is very crafty. lucky for me they no longer fit her :)

enjoy your thursday!
busy, busy weekend ahead!
also: heading to Osoyoos with the gals next week!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

did i mention i love mondays?

yesterday was such a good day!
first of all, i had a day off and spent the whole morning
with my best friend shay!
we went shopping and it was such a lovely time
:) :) :)

i will post a few new things.

after our shopping date i visited the Corn Stand and
hung out with my sister and cousins.
i didn't stay long because this heat wave is nuts?!
i dined with my grandma and aunt at sushi, then mobbed on over
to my mama's, who indulged me with homemade air popped popcorn.
i've literally decided popcorn is the best snack.
thank you mama!


3 things:
-my friends are going to New York tomorrow and i am so jealous!
-i miss my grandma a lot, she would be 84 this sunday. LoveyouMissyou.Everyday.
-i love jeopardy (yes, the game show!)

hope everyone has air conditioning this week...

first of all, if you don't own these two books you most definitely should!
such good information on becoming a stylist etc. in the Teen Vogue book
and obviously gotta listen to all the advice whowhatwear has to give!
second of all, for all of you that do own these books, how great are they!?!
loose light denim top from Zara=perfect
dreaming of Fall...Hunter boots fully necessary for our Winter's
especially while commuting to school!
multiple cross statement necklace
my same Talulah hat from Aritzia, but in black :)

what did you buy on your last shopping adventure?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

back to work

does anyone else dislike starting a new job?
it isn't the job itself, it's just the getting used to it part
in fact, i am really excited about this job!!
i will be happy once i am a couple weeks in.
and it will also be nice to make some extra money

hope everyone enjoys their weekend!
mine starts tomorrow! (..tonight)
(i am clearly VERY excited)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

oh hot damn this is my jamm...

..keep me partyin' until the a.m.....

umm ya check out THIS song to get pumped up all day

(so awesome in One Tree Hill when little Jamie dances to this! OTH whatt up)

anyhow.. today is my day off! full of errands,
going to the bank,
dropping stuff off at the thrift store,
heading into richmond
dropping brandon off some lunch,
visiting my mama,
visiting with my aunt and grandma, :)

this is my Marc by Marc bag i bought myself for my birthday :)
i love it in a different way than all my others.
they all serve different purposes.

wearing: Forever21 shirt, American Eagle jean shorts, sandals from Paris, necklace by
Lulabelle Jewellery and Design-check out their facebook page HERE.

i bought two gems from Lulabelle, and each is unique, affordable, and so chic!
everything a person could want in a long necklace.
check them out!

enjoy your day!!!
there is more to living than being alive

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

back to work wednesdays

it seems so many people i know, or read about are going/coming from NYC!?
i cannot help but daydream about when i will go there
the energy there seems to be beyond words, something you have to feel for yourself
when will i go!?

in other news, tonight is my friend Alison's birthday BBQ
i am looking forward to hanging out and relaxing

...umm yeah running club yesterday was quite the challenge, today should be worse.
there's not really much else to say on that topic

i love to read!!
here are some of the latest books i have purchased
with two exceptions
1) my cupcake book was a gift for my birthday (thanks guys!)
2) MKA's Influence book is OLD, but i have found myself skimming through
its pages a lot recently. xoxo

i seem to drift towards these three categories of books whenever i wander through Chapters
my bookshelf is full of these kinds of reads, no complaints here

on a sad note, i am STILL reading Great Expectations
i have only been getting a chapter in each night, if that!
life is sometimes too busy
c'est la vie

what have you been reading!?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

boys and girls with hearts that take and give and break

Jack Johnson reminds me of walking to school in grade 11, i love him....
and i just realized that he is coming to Vancouver in October and i am TOTALLY going.

Last week our running club gained a few more friends
i am really enjoying how running has created yet another opportunity
for my gals and i to get together four times a week!
:) is the start of our second week, and the running portion has increased
BUT i have no doubt in my mind that we will all get through it,
last week's running was really not bad!

Today was my day off and i went to the mall with my boyfriend's sister, Andrea
we had lovely times, buying a few new things each
( i mostly got jewellery because i spent a fair amount at our clothing sale, which was quite successful on sunday! )

right now i am simply wasting time before my boyfriend comes over and i give him a gift i bought him today.
i have decided it is pointless to buy him clothes, as much as i always want to.
so today i bought him a PS3 game, something tells me he may like that much more

i have many social outings planned this week,
hopefully i will take a few pictures of the good times!


PS-here's some of the jewellery i bought !
they are all extremely 'leaf' inspired

Sunday, August 1, 2010


today is the big day!!!!!!
if you live in the lower mainland of Vancouver area
come support our sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!