Saturday, March 6, 2010

subterranean homesick blues

alicia's saturday:
  • leafing through books and articles trying to find information for my latest history essay. Because you are so curious, my topic is: Why did Canada, under PM Arthur Meighen, want to get rid of the Anglo-Japanese Alliance? 10 pages later i will let you know..

  • 3 hour nap, due to lack of sleep last night

  • spent too much time adding MKA photos to my computer

  • became the owner of a very sexy pair of sunglasses

  • found out Jack White and I have the same birthday-meant to be?....just sayin!

  • tied my hair in milk-maid braids (i got two opinions, both from boys keep in mind, they say its a mix between Aunt Jemima and Princess Leia...hopefully closer to Princess Leia..hah!) i will post a photo later

  • sadly looked out my window at the sunshine while i sat at my desk

bring me summer please!

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