Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finalized List!

Here is my final copy of my 25 Things to do before i am 25.
help me out friends!

1. Do the splits

2. Coachella Music Festival

3. Road trip to Yuma, Arizona with my cousins

4. Brazilian!?

5. See Jack White preform live many times- at least counted on two hands

6. Ride an animal bigger than a horse

7. New York trip

8. Scuba dive with unique water life

9. Do the 100-mile diet for one month

10. Move out (and stay out!)

11. Purchase this Balenciaga bag --if i save roughly $60 a month until my 25th birthday i will have more than enough money....

12. Take guitar lessons

13. Enroll in a culinary class program!

14.Own a little puppy :)

15. Be able to do 25 'boy' pushups

16. Go to a Drive in movie theatre

17. Do the Vancouver Sun Run

18. Do the Grouse Grind

19. Embark on another Contiki tour

20. Watch the sunrise and sunset, consciously

21. Give x-amount of money to a charity I believe in

22. Go horseback riding

23. See the Northern Lights

24. Give blood

25. Go dogsledding

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