Friday, March 12, 2010

whoa technically challenged

so i probably spent the better part of 2 hours today trying to set up my cellphone via bluetooth to my computer...
honestly on my old computer i didn't have to do anything it just worked and this time it took forever! to the point where it was so pointless and i didn't care anymore, except i had to see the job through just for the sake of wasting all my time.....
the real reason for the bluetooth set up was all because after my nap yesterday my braids looked much better! and my camera battery was charging so i took one on my phone. (big mistake..)
Anyways, messy hair= much better.
seems trivial to post them now...but, since i finally got my bluetooth working i feel i must, just to prove my point to technology.
so here they are! gosh.

umm yeah...that whole rant just for those photos.... xoxoxo

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