Sunday, March 20, 2011

you came in with the breeze, on Sunday morning

living on my own has made me realize the little
things i took for granted at home
(and i'm not talking about laundry or cleaning!)
the little things i miss like sunday morning breakfast with the family.
we always made something like the above picture,
with bacon/sausage or something
but since i am a vegetarian i have skipped that...
usually served between 10-10:30, sunday breakfast was always something
you smelled before you even got out of your bed.

some things i like to keep as family memories and other things i have
enjoyed re-creating in my own way, with new people too.
i won't forget the way mom always made the bacon so crispy
or the way dad would make the best over-easy eggs
and the way Dan and i always had to set the table etc.
ahh the simple life!
i love sundays

ps-Spring is in the air!
first day of spring is upon us and even the weather is showing signs of it!
i cannot wait for Spring/Summer
but i know that we will probably have much more rain until that happens

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