Thursday, March 3, 2011

i'm on the right track baby, i was born this way

Yesterday i had the urge to make these Oreo cookies
Recipe found HERE
Andrea came over and helped me, just like the old days of us
baking fun things together :)

These cookies didn't go off without a hitch though...
as i am new to the baking world
(outside of cupcakes, i finally feel confident in those)
i went through a few 'trail and error' batches
and a few awkward questions:
"is convection sugar....icing sugar?"
"alicia, this isn't clear vanilla extract, your icing won't be as white now"
"does wax paper go in the oven? does it burn?"
oh, and a clear rookie mistake..
when it says 'ROOM temperature butter', it does say it for a reason.

other than all that, these were really fun/easy to make!
they did resemble oreos! and they were way softner
(which is big points for me when it comes to cookies)
also, much better dipped in milk.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY and i couldn't be more pleased!
except that this weekend brings more homework

Where did the days go where i could just...
-bake at leisure with andrea
-watch hours and hours of One Tree Hill
-see my friends more than just on the weekend

the list goes on, you get my point
happy weekend! xoxo

ps-do i even need to mention Gaga's 'born this way' music video?
uhh ya...

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  1. um as a person who expirienced said cookies i must say they were ABSOLUTLY DELICIOUS!!!! thanks again lee! see you wednesday, good luck with school work.