Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dream Office

photo/story at Vogue

Office/Closet space of Lauren Santo Domingo of Vogue
so inspiring.
i probably spend 70% of my time at my desk while i am at home.
homework, reading, getting organized, computer etc.
Everything goes on at my desk.
So important to have an inspiring space to work in.
i think mine needs a little sprucing

Lauren goes on to say :
“I think that is the mark of a good apartment; you can never really be done—It’s like a proper wardrobe. At my house, it might be a small tweak, but you’re never going to see the same thing twice.”

i like that quote. it reminds me that not everything has to come together at once,
it is all a process, and one that should be enjoyed!

Does your workspace inspire you?

ps-i love her bookcase of shoes!
my house is decorated with shoes too.
either because i have no space
or because they are beautiful....
maybe both.

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