Wednesday, January 19, 2011

See My Vest

Thrifted Blouse and Vest. Seven For All Mankind Jeans.
Sam Edelman Booties. Forever21 Necklace.
Nails in 'Let's Do Lunch' by OPI for Sephora

Little outfit post from yesterday,
all my boyfriend could say was
"you look like Mr. Burns when he wears that gorilla vest"
fair enough. haha
one of seven of my new pairs of shoes
from over the holidays. they are very comfy
and a little different because they have a square toe.
and they aren't clogs.
i'm not a clog kind of girl
these are too badass to be referred to as 'clogs'

(can you tell i have a vendetta against clogs?)


  1. LOL @ brandon's comment!! I love a good simpsons reference used as a dig. MAD RESPECT. haha

  2. Nice shoes!

    editors of POP DISORDER,
    Igor and Margaryta.