Monday, January 10, 2011

Seahawks vs. Saints Playoff Game

What an exciting game to be at!
Last weekend my boyfriend and i took off south of the border
to watch the Seattle Seahawks take on (the defending SuperBowl Champs)
the New Orleans Saints. We stayed for a couple days and took in
the whole atmosphere. We had both never been and what a
great win by the Seahawks!
Sadly, later on that day our Indianapolis Colts lost :(
always next year, but i am still sad!

(Qwest Field)

(Sea Gals)

(Tail-gate party and new friends)

Great Weekend !!!


  1. Dang you chumps had good seats......for the game of the year too haha

  2. umm yeah! 5 rows from the bottom? couldn't have been closer hardly!!!!