Tuesday, August 3, 2010

boys and girls with hearts that take and give and break

Jack Johnson reminds me of walking to school in grade 11, i love him....
and i just realized that he is coming to Vancouver in October and i am TOTALLY going.

Last week our running club gained a few more friends
i am really enjoying how running has created yet another opportunity
for my gals and i to get together four times a week!
...today is the start of our second week, and the running portion has increased
BUT i have no doubt in my mind that we will all get through it,
last week's running was really not bad!

Today was my day off and i went to the mall with my boyfriend's sister, Andrea
we had lovely times, buying a few new things each
( i mostly got jewellery because i spent a fair amount at our clothing sale, which was quite successful on sunday! )

right now i am simply wasting time before my boyfriend comes over and i give him a gift i bought him today.
i have decided it is pointless to buy him clothes, as much as i always want to.
so today i bought him a PS3 game, something tells me he may like that much more

i have many social outings planned this week,
hopefully i will take a few pictures of the good times!


PS-here's some of the jewellery i bought !
they are all extremely 'leaf' inspired

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