Tuesday, August 17, 2010

did i mention i love mondays?

yesterday was such a good day!
first of all, i had a day off and spent the whole morning
with my best friend shay!
we went shopping and it was such a lovely time
:) :) :)

i will post a few new things.

after our shopping date i visited the Corn Stand and
hung out with my sister and cousins.
i didn't stay long because this heat wave is nuts?!
i dined with my grandma and aunt at sushi, then mobbed on over
to my mama's, who indulged me with homemade air popped popcorn.
i've literally decided popcorn is the best snack.
thank you mama!


3 things:
-my friends are going to New York tomorrow and i am so jealous!
-i miss my grandma a lot, she would be 84 this sunday. LoveyouMissyou.Everyday.
-i love jeopardy (yes, the game show!)

hope everyone has air conditioning this week...

first of all, if you don't own these two books you most definitely should!
such good information on becoming a stylist etc. in the Teen Vogue book
and obviously gotta listen to all the advice whowhatwear has to give!
second of all, for all of you that do own these books, how great are they!?!
loose light denim top from Zara=perfect
dreaming of Fall...Hunter boots fully necessary for our Winter's
especially while commuting to school!
multiple cross statement necklace
my same Talulah hat from Aritzia, but in black :)

what did you buy on your last shopping adventure?

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