Wednesday, August 4, 2010

back to work wednesdays

it seems so many people i know, or read about are going/coming from NYC!?
i cannot help but daydream about when i will go there
the energy there seems to be beyond words, something you have to feel for yourself
when will i go!?

in other news, tonight is my friend Alison's birthday BBQ
i am looking forward to hanging out and relaxing

...umm yeah running club yesterday was quite the challenge, today should be worse.
there's not really much else to say on that topic

i love to read!!
here are some of the latest books i have purchased
with two exceptions
1) my cupcake book was a gift for my birthday (thanks guys!)
2) MKA's Influence book is OLD, but i have found myself skimming through
its pages a lot recently. xoxo

i seem to drift towards these three categories of books whenever i wander through Chapters
my bookshelf is full of these kinds of reads, no complaints here

on a sad note, i am STILL reading Great Expectations
i have only been getting a chapter in each night, if that!
life is sometimes too busy
c'est la vie

what have you been reading!?


  1. i still love Influence. that cupcake book looks so cute!

  2. TRADING UP BY CANDACE BUSHNELL. it's inspiring me for my trip, deffinatly a summer time beach read but it's awesome, check it out!! ps. miss you xx.

  3. That is the second book by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson, the first being "Hello, Cupcake," the second being "What's New, Cupcake." They are the best books! Cupcakes for every occasion, so fun for parties!

    N.a.c.K, i miss you too!! Have such a blast in NYC!!! Could always use another summer time read..thanks darling! xoxo