Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why Not?

hello all!
i am new to the blogging world in the sense that this is my very first blog, but i am a daily creep on manymanymany blogs :)
first and foremost i enjoy all things stimulating and inspirational and hope that in some small way maybe this will influence or inspire someone else!

okay, here's the rundown on me::::
  • university student studying history and english on my (long) journey to become a high school teacher (fingers crossed!)
  • i love my family, friends, and boyfriend xoxo
  • i plan to use this blog as a creative outlet and i am not going to lie i was a little shy at the thought, perhaps i don't really have the confidence to display myself!? but you should do things that scare you right? Right.
  • fashion is more of a hobby for me, it isn't my life or what i live for BUT it does inspire me and make me happier daily. the feeling of a fresh new purchase is replaced by nothing in my eyes
ANYWAYS enough chatting, on with the more beautiful things in my life right now...

quick note: i love mk&a, if that will be a problem for you...goodbye!

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