Friday, January 29, 2010

oh me oh my!!

Love having a three day weekend. To make the most of it my room mate Lauren and i decided to thrift store shop all around downtown Victoria.
And let me tell you...amazing purchases is an understatement. If only we were no longer on a students budget or if we had jobs..
Doesn't matter!!!
We bought awesome things and i want to share with you my finer gems of the day!
enjoy xoxo!!

Cute outfit below?-->Summer! (and girly for Andy!)
The floral top is my new purchase (it is actually a jumper. it's a one piece with shorts! but we will see if that goes okay with my long torso...)
The vest is sooo cute and will be perfect over a long sleeve for these chilly days we are having.
The shoes are really one of a kind, i have palm springs in mind (basically just Summer in mind) they are peep toe flats that tie at the back or have the ability to tie around and up your ankle, whichever you prefer!
These are a few pieces, you will perhaps see more later!
Love them!
Best Thrift Store shop to date.

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