Thursday, January 28, 2010

..just like a woman, but you break just like a little girl

Last weekend i was fortunate to ferry on home and visit with all my favorite people. My boyfriend's sister Andrea and i were discussing blogs, new clothes, new styles and how to achieve these desires...
Andy wants more feminine looks, and there are plenty out there right now!
High waisted skirts with cute girly tops, lots of loose fabrics, bow accessories, and patterned tights paired with just about anything..
Anyway the point of this blog..she said the cutest thing! "like something you would wear lee"
i just looked at her because i have and probably will always see myself as more of a, shall we say, unfeminine dresser! i know when to embrace it but give me black and white, jeans and tees, hats and ankle boots and i will wear them forever.
Got me thinking about:
1.) how much i love Andy! and
2.) style is dead once you are predictable.

Change it up Ladies! (and gents.. whomever may be reading..)

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