Saturday, September 17, 2011

No Room For The Blues

Whew, already mid-way through September and not exactly
sure how i have survived!?
Back to school, NFL season started up, working constantly,
throwing fundraisers, back to school shopping...
there is not enough time a day!
i bought this new OPI called 'No Room For The Blues'
and it is actually more light blue than turquoise...
anyways that has been my motto for the month!
just get through it, embrace it happily and forget about
all the things that could possibly cause me the 'blues'

that was easy to say when we enjoyed our July heatwave last week!
but this week, it looks like we are back to rain :)
(which is totally fine with me as long as the farmers in the area
get all of their potatoes out of the ground!!)

Back To September
hoping things slow down a bit before October hits


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