Friday, September 2, 2011

so long sweet summer

Officially September and officially stoked!
September to me is as important as January 1st
in terms of renewal and change.
Since i have been in school my entire life, seriously,
September has always been the month that gets me
anxious to start new things and stick to goals.
:) :)
...back to school!
(or more of it, since i never left all summer!)
but more importantly, also back to school shopping!

End of Summer brings many goodbyes :(
friends and family leaving for school, travelling
or just disappear, due to hectic school/work schedules.
But i am staying optimistic and am looking forward
to more organized routines and fresh starts!

checked another item off my LIST (only days remain...)
by making this delicious potato salad!
i was pretty happy with it!
it was actually the first one i've made myself, i usually
just eat half of what my sister makes...

to be honest, dairy products tend to freak me out
so i focused on the potato portion of the salad and less
on the mayonnaise part...
and don't even get me started on eggs...

...anyhow! i really did enjoy ALL ingredients
and it was so good!

i used THIS recipe from Smitten Kitchen
so easy and so yummy

this recipe had me at pickles-
pickles with everything is good by me,
and secured my love for it with the fresh dill that
surprisingly was a stand out ingredient
and i always choose red potatoes because
it adds more colour and is aesthetically pleasing.
and when given any choice, red always wins

still tackling through my September issues
no complaints here!

are you excited for September?!

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