Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself

Last week one of my favourite bands called it quits.
After over a decade of touring, performing and making 6 albums
The White Stripes are no more :(
Everything they did was so unique!
Jack White is a genius and i am so happy he will live on
through his other bands and endeavours.
But nothing was quite as good as the Stripes.
They even influenced my love for mixing of
black, white and red in my wardrobe.
i am so crushed! at least i saw them live for their Icky Thump Tour.
That tour was eventually cancelled because Meg got performance
anxiety. That obviously wasn't a great sign.
Their webpage goes on to say it has nothing to do with health issues
but that they would like to preserve the band as it is.
Whatever i am still heartbroken.
here's a list of some of my favourite songs,
do yourself a favour and LISTEN to them.

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