Tuesday, February 1, 2011

airport steeeez

Victoria Beckham

Sienna Miller

Rose McGowan

Mary-kate Olsen

Lauren Conrad

photos: Justjared, CocoPerez

since i will be leaving in about 13 days, my homework time
has slowly been consumed with my thoughts of what to wear on the plane!
and also what to pack overall...a great way to kill time.
here a few photos of an assortment of celebrities who
have different airport styles.

i generally am in the comfy jeans or tights with a dress category.
because comfort is key while in small confined spaces.
i also tend to wear my bulkier items so i don't waste
space in my suitcase.

Layering is the key!

I like how Victoria uses the airport as a runway,
Sienna's laid back style,
Rose dressing practically and comfy,
Mary-Kate's over abundance of layers
(but always with her touch of quirky items),
and Lauren's plain old california girl simplistic style.

I would say that:
i would hope to do a mix of Sienna and MaryKate
comfy, simple, still stylish
note: sunglasses are key no matter who you are

Who is your airport style muse?

on a completely unrelated note, i am still sick but
getting much better. thank you to all my friends
for their patience with this cold i have!
and hopefully i haven't passed it on!

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