Monday, December 6, 2010

whoa is me

Many Photo's Ahead..
Blanche Fashion Show!!

photos from Tara, Danielle, and myself
good thing my camera died half way through the night :(

SO overdue!
what a lovely evening! the Grad's did a really great job, i was impressed at least.
here's the crew that i went! such a better decision than doing essays all night
i wore my H&M garden collection rosette jacket, skirt from aritzia, and my JC platforms.
everyone was oh so stylish, and look who we ran into
(like giddy schoolgirls!...)
The Starving Stylist!
one of vancouver's top fashion elite my humble opinion..
(i tried my best to not look awkward. fail.)

What have you kids been up to!?
I am currently on break from school for 10 days, then i have my exams
but i am soooooo happy for this time off.
yay!!! christmas!!!!!

More Posts ASAP


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