Wednesday, December 22, 2010

denim and tights


does anyone else feel like they did this circa 2005?
wearing opaque or sheer tights under jean shorts/skirts.
i sorta lost my love for it, and haven't done it since....
but these photos have been popping up all over the web
and actually in my real life too ( i actually have a real life :-)! )
i wouldn't say i won't try it again....but what do YOU think!?
Denim is so causal and goes with many colours, fabrics, etc.
i love wearing them in the summer and have a hard time
transitioning them into winter with tights...hmmm...

On other extremely important and fantastic news...
i finished school for the semester! in fact i am quite behind on my blog.
i finished last week after a few sleepless nights, hurray to finishing exams!
still awaiting my marks, but that is less stressful obviously.

Been doing loads of Christmas shopping and attending many
festive gatherings, hope to update more soon :)

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