Tuesday, September 7, 2010

we don't need no education

where did my four months of summer go?
back to school tomorrow, to a new, larger campus.
feeling a little stressed about it!
a little excited too...

to wrap up the rest of the summer and selling produce, on the weekend
my cousins and i had a fundraiser to raise money to our local hospital
in memory of our grandma.
we sold corn and potatoes and 100% of all proceeds went straight to the
hospital foundation. it was SUCH a great event.
we raised $2500.00 in one day!
today we are dropping the money off to the foundation and couldn't be more
happy about it.
i know grandma would be so proud of us.
it was a great day with all my cousins, i am so lucky to be so close with EACH of them.
i will try to get some photos from that day.
it feels good to contribute to the community, especially
when they support our small business all summer long.


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