Thursday, April 8, 2010

celebration day

this is how i celebrate:
-Noodle Box
-New Book!
i love books so much. such great investments.
i somewhat scatter my interests, which is every bit educational as exciting.
i collect: world history books, music/band biographies, fashion/style books, and all classic literature/fiction novels.
i love reading!

so here's my latest-so awesome i can't put it down.
(not so great timing, as i should be studying...)

find a little more about it here..

By the way it has the best dedication ever haha

"To my mom, Piki, who taught me everything i know about good taste but let me figure out my own style, even if it meant my going to school wearing two different-colored shoes, or with my bangs pulled into a ponytail on my forehead."

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