Saturday, April 24, 2010


i apologize for my lack of outfit related posts. i actually enjoy doing them, they give me the extra motivation in the morning to look and feel my best. i have been living out of two closets for most of the year (especially the last two months) and although that may sound lovely at first, let me clear that up: living out of two closets does not equal having two closets.
clarification? they are about 3 hours apart from each other and i live with bits and pieces for part of the week and live with the rest for about 3 days. it is awful! takes lots of planning and organization, which ultimately leads to laziness and zero clothes. BUT THAT IS NEARLY OVER. all my lovely things will reunite together and all will be right with the world of my wardrobe. and i could not be happier!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so until then...ENJOY MY CANUCKS POSTS!

These closets can be a metaphor of my life

From THIS...

...To THIS

(not my actual closet(s), although the second one would be useful...)


  1. omggg i totally thought for a second the first one was yours and i was so disgusted with you!!!! hahahaha but then i realized a) you would never purchase ANYTHING that was in that closet and b) you wouldnt purchase anything in that closet.

  2. and c) i am impeccably tidy !!!!!!! (mostly.)
    my closet would NEVER look like that... !!!!!