Monday, April 18, 2011

a girl after my own heart

-This girl's Jeffrey Campbell shoe collection is unreal!
-JC makes so many fun, affordable shoes
-Pink Kitten makes me feel better about myself and my love for shoes
-i love shoes
-oh, and these are only the pairs she has bought off the website SoleStruck....
-i die.

check her out for some major shoe envy

special thank to my friend Lauren, blogger of High-Fives For Kindness!
for introducing me to my new best friend the blog Pink Kitten

i spy lita's, pixie's, foxy's, mary's, and mariel's...
just to name a few, literally.
did i mention i am dying?!

i am hopeful that regular blogging may commence soon
still trekking through Exams, hopefully successfully!
until the next time blogger friends!

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