Tuesday, October 12, 2010

JC, i love your shoes!!

Lately i have noticed that my shoe collection has been growing
at an exponential rate. In fact, i hardly noticed.
But, what i did notice was how i have seemingly taken
a particular liking to Jeffrey Campbell shoes!
They are so comfy and come out with styles with
just enough edge to make me buy them impulsively.
He is totally my shoe designer de jour

these black suede Mariel wedges are my latest purchase.
i love how suede seems to transition so right for Winter wear too. yay!

i plan on pairing these more summery looks with tights
so i can enjoy my Jeffrey's all winter long

Who can you seem to not stop buying!?

i'll be getting back to enjoying my last day of my (super) long
weekend now, homework, housework, here i come


  1. Jeffrey Campbell seems to make the most high-end looking styles for a good price...I don't blame you for buying so many!
    Xox alison

  2. they are so comfy and in my price range. best shoes!
    thanks for stopping by my blog :)