Tuesday, December 4, 2012

are you free or are you tied up

In November i Graduated from University, I had finished in August but my
ceremony only took place a few weeks ago.
It was really nice to be surrounded by my closest family and to feel their
support of my long journey really was something to take a moment to reflect on and remember.

I wasn't sure how i would feel about it all now that it had ended...
relief? indifferent? thrilled? 
I can honestly say at one point in that day i felt each of those emotions haha

I am so lucky and fortunate to have had the opportunity to get myself through
my degree and to have a large accomplishment finally completed.
Yet, i just know that there is a lot more to my life than school. 
As there should be in my personal opinion.
While it was a struggle (to put it lightly) at some points, i really liked
being a student.
I love to learn.
I love to read, make connections, and research topics in-depth, but 
i didn't love the stress i felt while doing those things. I know that it
is all a part of it, but i have certainly be relishing my new found freedom!

Question is what's next?
Whatever it is, I cannot wait to enjoy it.
I welcome all new experiences that will help me grow more as a person
and really discover what i am all about.


all photos my own

Ps- Usually my post title is from a song that i'm listening to,
 i've decided to add the link to it 
incase anyone else feels like having a listen :-)

Miike Snow Animal

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