Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Victoria Day Weekend

This past weekend was a long weekend as Monday
was Victoria Day here in Canada.
Many people probably don't know or care to know
what Victoria Day is even all about.
Generally, people don't question WHY we have long weekends,
they just accept them graciously and go camping etc.

Victoria Day marks the birthday of Queen Victoria, which 
is pretty easy to remember...
But it also seems to informally signify the start of Summer!
We all know technically the first day of Summer is really June 21, 
but that is ages away and the weather is finally warming up!

With all that background information being said I decided
it was time to write up my official 
Summer To Do List for 2012
Putting my BookMarc journal to good use,
i jotted down (a lot of) good ideas to accomplish 
this season.

Perhaps a bittttt over zealous, but let's
just see how many i can tackle!

What's on your Summer To Do list?
It helps me appreciate the Summer as more than the season 
of just having a full time job :-/

Another helpful medium i use to keep myself organized for this season is my
semi-new to-do list notepad!!
I bought these a little while ago, but since i was in school my list
basically only consisted of School related tasks.
'Tis the season to be productive and utilize every moment!
I highly recommend this for any list-lover in your life!

Check out the creator Dani on her

Great items and quick shipping!

Well I'm off to do a million things!
Happy Tuesday!

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