Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 9, 2011

Most years July 9th signals my birthday and not much else,
however, this year it was also my cousin Cory's Wedding Day.
This is the first big wedding on this side of the family,
which also happened to be the first wedding on Holley's side as well.
Needless to say it was perfect, stunning, and beautiful.
Everything it was expected to be

The Royal Couple, both farmer's by occupation, had
every detail down to incorporate their shared profession.
Nothing short of a tractor drive into the sun, potato themed
party favours, lots of country music and beer.

It was such a blast!
I was so happy to share my birthday with my family and
celebrate big time with the happy couple.
I love weddings!

To Cory and Holley, i wish you all the best


(wearing: BCBG dress, Jeffrey Campbell Wedges, Aldo Clutch, RayBan Sunnies)

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  1. The pics with the tractor are so cool and unusual!

  2. Yeah it was really one of a kind! they were only going a short distance so they thought a tractor would work..haha