Monday, May 16, 2011

Playoff Season

Somewhere in the middle of exams, parties, Easter and chocolate
there has been the NHL Playoffs.
After a promising season (the best ever!), Presidents trophy, numerous
nominations and unbeatable stats
The Vancouver Canucks have made their way past
the Chicago Blackhawks (defending Stanley Cup Champs)
and the Nashville Predators.
That puts us at the start of Round 3, also known as
the Western Conference Finals,
against the San Jose Sharks.
The Canucks haven't made it this far since 1994-the year that Almost was.
Not to jinx anything but the Canucks Rule.

For Hockey buffs or not, the playoffs also calls for a lot of social gatherings.
below are some photos of such a gathering hosted at my house :)

Check out this little parody some Vancouver Canucks Fans put on...


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