Thursday, July 29, 2010

what i wear, everyday

hat and plaid from Aritzia, tank top from Joe Fresh,
cut offs thrifted, Ray Ban Wayfarers, F21 necklaces.

i literally wear a combination of this outfit every single day.

cut off mens shorts, assortment of tank tops and sandals.
always: hat, sunnies, and plaid.

Today my boyfriend is going on a fishing trip with
his brother for the whole weekend
:( :( :(
hope it is really fun though!

my weekend plans consist of working, laundry, and maybe
buying a couch if i am lucky...and stools.

i have had the habit of spending money when my boyfriend goes away...
in 2007 he went to mexico for a week and i spent roughly a months worth of my rent.
i went to Europe for six weeks in 2007 and well, what girl doesn't spend a ton of money while travelling!? it was all purely justifiable.

this time around i hope to spend money on my house!
it is looking a little bare, especially with no couch.
ikea, home sense, and winners here i come!

ps-running club is going really well! we had three more friends join.
i love when bonding times coincide with exercise, so much better!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Billy is going fishing this weekend too! haha...I'll be spending some cash too I bet...