Friday, July 23, 2010


here are some things about me right this second:
1. i may have the most defined sandal's tan ever
2. i have been overdosing on greek pasta salad for days
3. technically i am late for work right now
4. today i am going to pay my first set of bills from living on my own. first of many..
5. everyday i work in the dirt and have zero inspiration to look cute :(
6. as much as everyone raves about Sephora, i am a MAC makeup girl at heart. BUT i do love all the other products at Sephora, and cannot wait to spend my gift card with shayshay
7. today is friday, but my day off is on tuesday, making this my depressing midweek post
8. my nails are in desperate need of a manicure (see #5 = dirt)
9. i love mondays
10. i want to have a garage sale

happy friday!!!

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