Thursday, June 24, 2010

decisions, decisions...

but which one!?!?
if you know me, you know i love marc by marc jacobs accessories...
and i have been wanting the black watch for TWO years, but now these others are tempting me.

black is easy, it goes with everything. enough said.

silver is a bit more girly, it goes with a lot as well-especially black and i wear a lot of it.

gold is classy. and i'd look like a ballaaaa, which i'm still
debating between being a good or a bad thing.....hahaha...

and the silver and gold have a little extra going on in the links...

what do you think!?!


  1. I agree, so hard too choose. The first one is really stylish, I like the second because I like silver, and the third one has such a nice unusual golden color:)

  2. i think i may be leaning towards silver the most. i wear a lot of other silver jewellery.. but i still can't make my final choice!