Wednesday, May 19, 2010

meet me half way

So today when i left to meet brandon for lunch, visit my mama, and do my errands it was totally sunny out and i embraced it!
okay, it wasn't as sunny as last week, but i was locked in the house last week because i was sick so i could only NOW wear something summery and fun....i made it work.
little did i know later on it would start raining
and i'm sure everyone thought i was dressed silly.
LITTLE did THEY know i looked awesome hours previous.....

damn you west coast weather!
(but i still love you xoxo)

the above photo is actually me trying to get away from a bee. all caught on self timer. c'est la vie



  1. amazing double finger leaf ring.. and loving your nail polish. great blog =)

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  2. my ring is from Forever21, so into the double finger rings right now!
    and my nailpolish is 'You don't know Jacques!' by OPI